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Buy aggregates and river sand at best price in Hyderabad. We offer aggregates, refined river sand, non-refined river sand and robo sand. We are authorized online dealer and supplier in Hyderabad. Aggregates and sand price mentioned herein is only applicable to Hyderabad. On every order, our customers get FREE delivery across Hyderabad. We strive to serve you better by offering the best affordable rates without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction that you seek for.

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12mm Aggregate

850.00  / Ton

20mm Aggregate

780.00  / Ton

40mm Aggregate

800.00  / Ton

6mm Aggregate

899.00  / Ton

Crushed Sand

1,000.00  / Ton

Non Refined Sand

2,200.00  / Ton

Red Soil

900.00  / Ton

Refined Sand

2,500.00  / Ton