Fe-500 Grade TMT Steel

Purchase Fe-500 grade TMT Steel Bars at best price online. These are ideal material to be used with concrete for structure robustness due to its greater strength. During manufacturing, these TMT bars impart anti-rust properties and thus being corrosion resistant. Its high thermal stability helps withstand higher temperatures. High level of ductility makes it earthquake resistant. We are authorized dealer and supplier for FE-500 TMT steel. We offer lucrative discounts and thrilling offers on our products. On every order, our customers get FREE delivery across Hyderabad. We strive to serve you better by offering the best affordable rates without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction that you seek for.

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Birla TMT Steel – Fe 500

70,000.0071,300.00 / Ton

Jairaj TMT Steel – Fe 500

70,500.0071,800.00 / Ton

Jindal TMT Steel – Fe 500

71,000.0072,300.00 / Ton

JSW TMT Steel – Fe 500

75,000.0076,300.00 / Ton

Mangal TMT Steel – Fe 500

63,000.0064,300.00 / Ton

Om Sai TMT Steel – Fe 500

35,625.0036,650.00 / Ton

Shree TMT Steel – Fe 500

69,000.0070,300.00 / Ton
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