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What is TMX Steel

What is TMX Steel & Why TMX is Preferred over TMT?

New emerging technology in Steel is TMX Steel. These TMX Steel Bars have a market share of 60% worldwide and 80% in India. This metric shows the increased demand for Thermex Bars. This is due to the fact that the super properties of TMX steel are far different from TMT Steel.

What is TMX Steel?

These TMX bars are manufactured using a German patent Technology known as Thermex Technology to produce super-quality steel. Hence, TMX Steel is known as Thermex Steel. In this Thermex cooling process, the steel bar is subjected to a predefined quantity of high-pressure water after the last rolling mill stand. This treatment transforms the bar surface into a hardened structure.

Thermex Technology:

In this treatment, the end product will be a cooled hardened output. On additional cooling of the steel bar with the atmospheric temperature, a thermal exchange occurs between the inner core and outside cooled martensite surface. Thus, the resultant bar structure is unique tempered martensite at the periphery and a fine-grained ferrite – pearlite structure at the central zone.

The specialty of TMX rods is that they fit all the requirements of construction as the Thermex processing treatment can build steel bars of any desired high strength. The rebars made using this technology have properties such as weldability, toughness, ductility, great bend properties, and rigidity.

How TMX Steel is different from TMT Steel?

The foremost variation between TMX Rods and TMT Rods is its manufacturing procedure. As discussed, the TMX Steel bars are produced using THERMEX, a German Technology whereas the TMT Steel bars are formed using TEMPCORE, a Belgium Technology. No matter how either of these manufacturing processes produces various types of steel in comparison with their physical qualities. However, due to its manufacturing process, TMX Steel is of high quality than TMT Steel.

Now, let’s understand how these Thermex Steel bars are superior to TMT Steel bars.

Why TMX should be preferred over TMT?

Now, you know that there is no surprise in the demand for TMX Steel bars in the market. The reasons behind it are many. Let’s get into the main reasons to prefer TMX over TMT.

Benefits of TMX over TMT:

High-Grade Ribs: The strength of any construction depends on the quality of steel bars used in it, above all the ribs on the bars. These TMX bars possess significant ribs which provide them enhanced adhesiveness and give the construction a longer life with its tremendous strength.

Higher Elongation: As per the standard industry norms, the elongation of steel should be 14.5% whereas these TMX steel bars possess an elongation ranging between 16% – 23%

Greater Weldability: Thermex bars are manufactures using MS Billets which makes the bars free from impurities and balanced chemical composition. Thus, the bars gain an advantage over TMT bars in terms of developing stronger bonds and supreme welding

Excellent Straightness: Thermex bars are produced in a straight length with the help of advanced rolling techniques and a special rotary flying shear for perfect straightness

Resistant to Corrosion: TMX bars are more resistant to corrosion than Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) bars as they lead to surface stresses and resulting in higher corrosion rates. Also, while twisting the CTD bars, the protective scale layer falls off whereas the thermex processes hinder the scale formation rate and ensure no cold working

Super Fire Resistant: Counter to TMT bars, Thermex Bars can tolerate high temperatures when exposed to fire

Resistant to Earthquake: The improved elongation alters for impressive flexibility that provides the end structure resistant to natural disasters like earthquake and other natural catastrophes

Profitable: TMX Steel provides excellent yield and tensile strength when compared to TMT bars. This implies that a smaller amount of steel is needed for the construction procedure which ends up saving the storage, transportation, and material cost

According to Indian geography, India has four different seismic zones (earthquake-prone areas) which include moderate and High earthquake-prone areas. Indian geographical statistics present that over 54% of lands in India are exposed to high risks of earthquakes. It indicates the importance of choosing steel while constructing any building. So, TMX steel bars are one of the best options when picking steel to keep your building rigid or minimal damage over natural disasters.

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