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types of bricks

Affordable and Superior Alternatives to Traditional Types of Bricks

Introduction Bricks have been an essential building material for centuries, but advancements in technology and sustainability have introduced new alternatives that offer superior performance and cost-effectiveness. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best brick alternatives available in the market today that are not only better than traditional bricks but also more […]

AAC Blocks

What are AAC Blocks?

Introduction  AAC blocks, also known as Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks, are a revolutionary construction material that has taken the market by storm in recent years. They are sustainable and environmentally certified building material that boasts several notable features. AAC blocks are lightweight, load-bearing, and highly insulating construction material that is three times lighter than traditional […]

Interlocking bricks for construction

Interlocking Bricks For Construction

Introduction  The construction industry is constantly evolving to combat the various challenges of construction, and with the growing emphasis on innovation and sustainability, there is an increasing demand for innovative and eco-friendly building materials for quality and efficient construction. One such advancement is the use of interlocking bricks for construction. In this article, we will […]

How To Check Bricks Quality & Types of Bricks

How To Check Bricks Quality & Types of Bricks

Bricks can be considered the foundation of building construction. In every building project, bricks are the material that is utilised the most frequently. Therefore, it is crucial to check brick quality to ensure that the structure will stand out in all weather conditions. Clay is typically used to make bricks. However, you should know about […]

Cool Bricks - To Keep Your Buildings Cool At All Times

What Are Cool Bricks?How Does It Keep Your Buildings Cool?

Cool bricks are three-dimensional porous ceramic bricks that use evaporative cooling to provide a cooling effect across the environment. The porous ceramic bricks connect to create a 3D lattice pattern. The porous material absorbs water that is discharged after the passage of warm air from the outside into the lattice. The developers of cool bricks […]

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