Simhadri TMT Steel – Fe 500

Simhadri TMT Steel – Fe 500

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Product Description

Place order for Simhadri TMT steel FE 500 at the best price online in Hyderabad. These are ideal material to be used with concrete for structure robustness due to its greater strength. Fe500 & Fe550 are classified on the basis of the minimum yield strength they possess. For Fe500, it is 500N/ whereas for Fe550 it is 550N/ The number simply translates into them being able to withstand the yield stress. We are the official dealer & supplier of all Simhadri TMT steel bar in Hyderabad. Low-cost for Fe 500 & Fe 550 TMT steel bars. We offer the lowest wholesale rate for construction materials from starting from TMT steel bars to grade cement. Simhadri TMT steel price or rate quoted herein is only applicable to the regions covering Hyderabad. Our motto is to serve you with the best with assurance of quality and hassle-free shopping experience. For this very reason, we are the preferred choice among buyers who enjoy exciting deals & discounts every hour on every product. You might also want to check Radha TMT Steel Fe-500, SAIL TMT Steel Fe-500, Sarvottam TMT Steel Fe-500, Shree TMT Steel Fe-500, Prime Gold TMT Steel Fe-500, SS Gold TMT Steel Fe-500, Sugna TMT Steel Fe-500 & TATA TMT Steel Fe-500

Special features:

  • Low carbon content and made from fully killed steel.
  • Higher yield strength & ultimate tensile strength coupled with higher percentage elongation.
  • Easy bendability, weldability and excellent ductility ensures economy and safety.
  • In-built ability to resist loss of strength at higher temperature.
  • Require less energy for bending and re-bending along with superior reverse bending properties.
  • Can be butt welded or lap-welded.
  • Higher corrosion resistance and seismic resistance
  • Ideally suited for any type of concrete structure.

What makes TMT Steel bar an essential in every construction project?

High Strength:

  • TMT Steel bars are manufactured using Tempcore technology which in itself is unique.
  • In the ongoing process, after being taken out from the rolling mill these bars undergo intense quenching.
  • In the quenching process, these bars have to pass through several water jets which cools down their outer layer quickly making it hard and leaving the inner core soft.
  • Thus, TMT steel bars become extremely ductile.

Corrosion Resistant:

  • An important property of TMT steel bars is their high corrosion resistance which is mainly due to the unique manufacturing process they undergo.
  • Unlike the traditional bars which are twisted resulting in residual stress, TMT bars are an exception.
  • During the process of quenching, water-cooling is drastically kept under control and thus avoiding formation coarse carbides.
  • These carbides are responsible for the corrosion of steel bars.
  • Even during the construction process, despite being exposed to water for a longer period, the surface is completely free of rust.
  • Thus, the use of traditional steel bars could hamper the quality of your construction and safety of the concrete structure.

High Ductility:

  • TMT steel bars come in a variety of grades like Fe500, Fe550, Fe600, etc.
  • Higher grade of the bars corresponds to better strength thus being stronger than ordinary steel bars available in the market.
  • This contributes to them being highly ductile and hence being a preferred choice in major construction projects.

Highly Flexible:

  • The softer core of TMT bars make extremely flexible to work with.
  • They can be moulded into and given the desired shape to satisfy the demands of design and construction of the structure.
  • This reason thus becomes an easy to choose choice for construction projects.

Earthquake Resistant:

  • TMT steel bars as briefed above has superior flexibility to mould it into the desired shape as required.
  • Also, their outer layer is extremely tough and their inner core being soft.
  • Both of these reasons hence, make them resistant to earthquake like situations and preferred in earthquake prone areas.

Fire Resistant:

  • TMT steel bars have thermal resistant properties.
  • Thus in fire like situations, it can withstand the hazards and keeping one safe from dangers resulting in unfortunate situation.

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10 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 8 mm