Grip Yourself with every little thing about TMT Steel

Grip Yourself with every little thing about TMT Steel

Types of TMT and its Uses

Thermo-Mechanically treated bars or TMT Steel bars are used in a wider extent for different construction projects. These bars are prepared through Thermo-mechanical processing that combines the mechanical process with thermal process at various rates into a single process.

Types of TMT Steel

Different brands of TMT Steel with rates

TMT Bars available in India

How to identify best TMT Steel

Weight of TMT bars as per size

Different uses of TMT bars as per different sizes

Types of TMT Steel

The various types of TMT Steel are actually identified by their grades. TMT bars have been classified as Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 600. Where Fe represents the symbol of iron, and the number following it represents the yield strength of steel.

  1. Fe – 415: As Fe-415 is having higher uniform elongation, it is used in RCC constructions in corrosion-prone area and also in an earthquake-prone zone
  2. Fe – 500: Due to its high corrosion resistance, excellent bending ability and resistance towards dynamic loading, Fe – 500 is widely used in RCC constructions in buildings, bridges and other concrete structures
  3. Fe – 550: Fe-550 has its properties similar to Fe – 500, and differs only in terms of yield and tensile strength. It is widely used in RCC construction exposed to coastal, marine or underground environment
  4. Fe – 600: As it provides better toughness and has more yield and tensile strength compared to other TMT Steel grades, it is used for large RCC construction purposes

Different brands of TMT Steel with rates

ProductsPrices Starting from
Amba Shakti TMT PriceRs.35500/MT
Jindal Panther TMT PriceRs.37000/MT
Sail TMT PriceRs.41000/MT
Shyam TMT PriceRs.38000/MT

TMT Bars available in India

List of 10 best TMT Bars available in India:

1. SRMB Steel Bars

SRMB TMT Steel Bars

SRMB is one of the Best TMT Bars in India. It is also one of the best primary steel producers in the country. It is in Kolkata and was created in 1951. It has a huge production capacity and it used to take lots of government projects. These steel bars are earthquake-resilient as well

2. TATA Tiscon Steel Bars

Tata Tiscon TMT Bars

TATA is making best kind of steel all over the world. It has some incredible TMT Bar designs that is far superior than other brands in terms of strength, technology, process of manufacture and so on

3. Vizag TMT Bars

Vizag TMT Steel Bars

Vizag TMT Bars are the northworthy evaluation that can handle any climate condition, are tough in structure and guarantee a more drawn out maintainability period to the client

4. SW Neosteel Pure TMT bar

SW TMT Steel Bars

SW Neosteel TMT bars are used all around to make structures, ranges, dams, warm and hydel power plants, underground stages in metro railroad and quick vehicle system

5. Jindal Panther TMT bars

Jindal Panther TMT Bars

These bars having a wide range accessible in all sizes for homes, workplaces and enterprises. Due to its bendability and quality, Jindal TMT Bars are broadly used in major advanced structures all over the nation

6. Kamdhenu TMT Bars

Kamdhenu TMT Bars

Kamdhenu Steel is one most famous steel fabricating organizations in india. They produce high grade and quality TMT bars accessible in all sizes for homes, workplaces and ventures. It is less influenced by rust. It has 4% less weight for each meter than other which makes it practical

7. Sail TMT Bars

Sail TMT Bars

Sail TMT Steel Bars are used for advancement in tremor slanted zones. It redesigns cold and hot parting resistance. It can withstand high temperature and provides security from scratched zone

8. Shyam TMT Bars

Shyam TMT Steel Bars

Shyam TMT Bars are generally used in developing structures, spans, flyovers, dams, modern structures and underground stages and so on

9. Essar TMT Bars

Essar TMT Steel Bars

Essar TMT bars are fabricated using planned technology which includes high strength, higher extension(which makes it alright for tremor inclined regions), high bend/rebowing properties, erosion safe, high exhaustion obstruction and great weld capacity

10. Visa TMT Bars

Visa TMT Steel Bars

Visa is an Indian brand making the best quality of TMT bars. These TMT Bars are available in a range of sizes required for homes, workplaces, and huge businesses

How to identify best TMT Steel

Different criteria which has to be kept in mind while choosing a TMT steel bars are as follows:

  1. Grade of the TMT Bars: The bars are available in 4 different grades- Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. The higher is the grade higher is the strength of the bar. Higher grade TMT bars generally used in the core of a building such as in the floors and roofs. Lower-grade bars can be used in construction balcony railings and decorative structures.
  2. Flexibility of the bars: Bars should be flexible enough to withstand stress for long ages. Hence we should choose high-quality TMT bars which are having more flexibility so that the rods do not develop cracks even when bent at 90 degrees or more.
  3. Maximum extent of elongation of bars: We need to find how far the bars can be elongated which indicates how ductile the bars are. The higher is this number, the more you will be able to save on construction.
  4. Corrosion resistance of the bars: TMT Steel rods used to come in contact with lots of moisture during construction. So, resistance towards corrosion is a must, otherwise, they will not last long.

Weight of TMT bars as per size

8mm(1 bundle)1047 kg
10mm(1 bundle)753 kg
12mm(1 bundle)553.4 kg
16mm(1 bundle)356.88 kg
20mm(1 bundle)259.2 kg
25mm(1bundle)146.2 kg
32mm(1bundle)175.72 kg

Different uses of TMT bars as per different sizes

TMT Steel bars come in different diameters like 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 36mm.

  • 8mm-10mm size TMT bars are used in Slabs and Stair ups, that serves as a load-bearing member in slab homes
  • 12mm-25mm size TMT bars are used in Beams & Columns, to enable them to withstand external loads
  • 32mm-36mm size TMT bars are used in very complex construction projects like dams and bridges


TMT Steel Bars are high in demand in the market due to its low-cost reinforcement bars in construction projects. Thermo-mechanically treated (TMT) steel bars are highly preferred compared to torsional bars, as these have high strength and ductility. This is one of the key factors because of which TMT Steel bars is now boosting its demand globally in the steel bars market.