V-Bond Instant Plug

325.00325.00 / 1 KG

V-Bond Instant Plug

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INSTANT PLUG is a fast-setting, hydraulic cement-based tile adhesive that expands on setting and instantly stops running or seepage through masonry surfaces. It is designed with “Crystalline” technology, creating a permanently active waterproofing treatment, making it excellent for places where the setting time of the compound should be less.


  • Underwater cut off.
  • Surfacing sealing of joints and cracks.
  • Pipe jointing.
  • Sealing of pipe and cable entries.


  • Seals leaks.
  • Withstands hydrostatic pressure.
  • Non–shrink.
  • Rapid setting.
  • Works underwater.
  • Suitable for concrete, brick, stone and clay pipes.