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V-Bond Grout Admix – Premium is a grout additive designed for supreme stain protection when used with Portland cement-based grouts in lieu of mixing water. Grout Admix is specially designed Latex Admix to be used with Sanded & Unsanded Grout.

V-Bond Grout Admix – Premium is suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications, with all types of tile, marble, granite and slate in service areas such as halls, floors and countertops.

Improves Adhesion Strength
Provides Flexibility & Workability
Reduce Water Absorption
Color Fastener
Use approximately 200 to 300 ml of v-Bond Grout Admix-Premium for 1 kg of V-Bond Unsanded grout powder. Pour Grout Admix-Premium into a clean mixing container and add grout powder slowly. Mix by hand or with a slow-speed mixer to a smooth stiff consistency. Allow to slake for 5-10 minutes and remix.

Surface Preparation & Application
Shake well before use. Some tiles or stones might be stained by colored grout. Verify appearance with a test area before installation. Dampen tile surface with water. Spread with a rubber float. Work the grout paste into the joints until completely filled. Use diagonal strokes to pack the joints. Ensure that joint is filled and grout is not just sitting on top.