Bricklite Wall Putty

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Bricklite Wall Putty is a white cement based water- resistant skim coat to improve the aesthetic appearance of the walls for a smooth and silky texture. It can be used for both External and Internal Purposes.

The manufacturing process involves blending these components in precise proportions to create a homogenous mixture. To apply wall putty, the surface is first cleaned of dust and loose debris. Water is added to the putty powder to form a paste, which is then spread evenly on the wall with a putty knife or trowel. After drying, the putty creates a smooth and uniform surface, ready for painting.

Wall putty provides multiple benefits, including filling minor cracks, covering blemishes, and preventing paint absorption into porous surfaces. It enhances the overall appearance of the painted wall and prolongs the life of the paint. Furthermore, the adhesive properties of wall putty improve the bonding of paint to the surface, reducing the risk of flaking or peeling.

It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure proper surface preparation before applying wall putty. Proper curing time should also be allowed before painting to achieve the best results.

FEATURES: Ready to use Wall Putty

For External and Internal Applications

Highly Polymer Modified Product

Provides smooth, shiny and wonderful finish to the walls and ceilings

Paint will last longer

Reduces the consumption of paint

Does not require Water Curing

Prevents growth of Micro – Organisms
Prevents Water Seepage
Eco – Friendly
Low – VOC