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Best cement in India for house construction

Few Best Cement Brands In India For House Construction 2022 [Read Now]

Cement is one of the most vital ingredients in the construction of any property. Its always recommended using good quality cement because it provides durability and endurance to constructions. If you are also planning to build your house then let us discuss further which is the best cement brand in India for house construction and what all properties each type holds within. Here we will also discuss the components and mixture of cement and which kind is suitable for what kind of work.

The followings are the two best types of cement for house construction. There are two most common types of cement which are generally used in house construction:

These 2 major variants of cement are now widely accepted and used, the selection process depends on the type of work it needs to be utilized. OPC is mainly used for construction work for a pretty long time and has a good value for money because of its durability and holding power. OP Cement has a quick holding time which reduces the waiting period. These are available in 3 variants: Grade 33, Grade 43, and Grade 53.

Grade 33 and Grade 43 OPcement are generally used for residential construction for ages and nowadays it is replaced by OPC 53 grade of cement which is more advanced and made with the latest technologies.

OPC 53 grade cement is undoubtedly the best cement for concrete.

PPC has now gained a lot of market share and attained popularity for providing similar properties like OPC 53 because of the use of pozzolanic materials that imparts better properties to the cement. The strength of this cement is equivalent to OPC 53 Grade cement.

PPC is cheaper as compared to OPC, provides better resistance against chemicals, and facilitates better workability. The only thing where OPC is on the higher side is the settling period, PPC takes more time to settle and hold strength due to which the work takes time so if you are fine to consider that point then PPC can be a good option for us.

Following are the best cement in India for house construction. These are the top 10 cement in India nowadays which provide OP and PP Cements, so as you have an idea of what kind of cement is required for your construction, we can now look into the more trustworthy brand. As mentioned below are the leading brands so you can decide which one to consider because all of them are at par on service lines.

  • UltraTech Cement
  • ACC Cement
  • Ambuja Cement
  • Shree Cement
  • Ramco Cement
  • The India Cements Limited
  • Binani Cement
  • Wonder Cement
  • JSW Cement
  • Mycem Cement

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