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8 Salient Things You Need To Know While Selecting Tiles

8 Salient Things You Need To Know While Selecting Tiles For Your Dream Place

Are you looking for beautiful and fancy tiles to give your home a fresh and new look? You’ve come to the proper spot. We’ll walk you through all you need to know about choosing the right tiles for your space. There is a wide range of tiles available that are ideal for various uses or purposes. But one thing remains constant that is fashion. Yes, we do everything in style, so why not design our home in the same way? Let’s get started with the tiles lesson!!

Here are 8 tips that you need to consider while selecting an appropriate tile !!

 1. Tiles all around, which one is to choose? 

We have many different types of tiles with various designs and color combinations that might appeal to different people depending on their preferences. But Vitrified tiles for flooring are the greatest option because they are more durable and can sustain heavy loads. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are a wonderful choice for walls since they are less absorbent and nonporous. This also prevents them from stains and scratches. Matt finish or anti-skid tiles comes into the picture when tiling your outdoors as they have the strongest build quality and avoids any accident like slips or fall. Everyone is a fan of matt finish. So flaunt it in your style in a different way.

Any other tiles you got to know or wanna explore please reach out to us, we would be happy to guide you with the correct choice.

 2. A perfect size gives a perfect look  

People think we can take a bigger block of tile and then we can cut them down and use them as per convenience but saving a few cents can have a huge impact on the finishing and look of your interiors. Its always suggested to know your room dimensions and take tiles that have their size in multiples so that it would be easy for you to fit it and only a few tiles would require a cut for fitting into the edges. Below are a few details that can help

Floor tiles sizes : 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 610x610mm, 800x800mm

Wall tiles sizes : 250x350mm, 300x450mm, 300x600mm

Tip: Using smaller size tiles for medium size room gives it a spacious look, whereas using larger tiles will make it look smaller

 3. All is well that ends well 

Now we know what kind of tiles we have and what shapes and sizes we need to examine, let’s figure out which tile is most suited for the area in your home.

Glossy finish tiles are an excellent choice for internal walls, while the stone finish is unquestionably a wonderful choice for external walls, as it gives a rugged and solid build feel all around.

Your personal space needs to have a wooden finish as they give a warm and cozy feel while you step in. Imagine sitting by your window with wooden walls all around and gazing at the beautiful nature on a Sunday morning. Feeling excited right, You can have the experience, too.

Metallic or mosaic tiles are ideal for the kitchen and bathroom since they are low maintenance and create a cleaner appearance. The living room can have a natural finish and design tiles because such looks are always pleasing to the eye, and your guests should make a good impression, so this is the key.

 4. Never wanna feel dull looking at your tiles 

One should always opt for a good color combination or shade while selecting for indoors or outdoor. Well, that is all up to you. However, we normally recommend softer shades for indoors and bold solid colors for outdoors.

 5. Planning for the future makes it better 

It’s always a good idea to keep some tiles on standby because you never know when an emergency will arise and you’ll need to replace one or two tiles. So finding the exact match can be difficult sometimes. So keep it a habit to keep few tiles from each set handy so that it would be your rescuer if required.

 6. Grouting is the key 

Some individuals prefer contrasting grout, while others like plain grout, but the secret to flawless grouting is to keep the lines as thin as possible and as unnoticeable as possible.

 7. A platter of tiles can be exciting 

Simplicity is never out of trend but something unique has the guts to be the trend right, so we can also experiment and do the same. We can try a mix and match of tiles (2-3 options) at max and then make customized designs all around. This can be exciting and interesting if you feel to have something unique in your plan.

 8. Water absorbent tiles – Yes/No? 

One of the most vital elements to consider when choosing tiles is durability and cost-effectiveness, so keep it short and healthy. We need to pick the tiles with the least absorbent quality because they will last longer and cost less to maintain.

So now I feel you would have got an idea about which kind of tile is the best fit for you and what style you want to adopt while making your dream place the best one.

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