V-Bond Dubara Plaster

350.00350.00 / Bag (40kg)

V-Bond Dubara Plaster

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V-Bond Dubara Plaster is a second coat plaster which is a blend of Portland cement, fine-graded sand, and water-soluble, high-quality polymer additives in the right proportion. This mixture is simple and ready to be used by mixing with it water at the site and can be applied on bricks, and concrete surfaces for a Second Coat.


  • An alternative for traditional plastering
  • Consistent quality Uniform and smooth finish
  • Reduced water absorption & enhanced durability
  • Easy to apply & faster completion of work
  • No Wastage & no rebounding losses
  • Reduce Construction Costing

Very minimal curing required

Packing: 40 Kg Bag
Coverage for 40 Kg bag 140-160 SFT