SVR Red Bricks

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SVR Red Bricks

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Access our online updated price list for SVR Red Bricks. Red bricks is a small block and are made of clay ceramic which is generally found in masonry constructions. These bricks are not uniform in size and texture but when compared to others is one of the best. SRV red bricks price is specified only for Hyderabad city. Shop from our store to avail free delivery & great discounts!

  • Red bricks create a very little amount of waste and produce less environmental pollution, hence they are eco-friendly and degrade completely.
  • Red bricks are highly fire resistant and easily reusable and recyclable.
  • They are much durable and hard that they can withstand severe wind and extreme weather conditions.
  • They have a better sound performance where it is capable of blocking the sound from outside.
  • Red bricks store heat energy absorbed during daytime and release heat after the sun set. This helps in keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer.