Nerolac cement putty 40kg 

480.00480.00 / 40kg

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Nerolac cement putty 40kg is made using special additives and fillers to multitask as plaster or concrete wall filler, sealer, and adhesive over the surface. These products have been around for years because they can withstand time well while providing excellent durability that lasts long under high traffic conditions, making it perfect for any building project you might undertake!

This material is great for filling in cracks and holes to seal the wall’s surface, as well as stopping water from seeping through the cement. It also provides an excellent base for paint or plaster, preventing cracks and peeling paint from happening again.

  1. Superior Smoothness:
    The paint putty provides a superior smoothness to the cement wall and helps in covering up the minor blemishes on it. Moreover, it also helps in filling up cracks, holes, and minor imperfections and thus results in a flawless wall surface.

Another great feature of the cement wall putty is its versatility. It can be used for filling cracks and holes, sealing surfaces, and providing a base for paint or plaster, among other things.

3.Uniform Finish:
It gives a uniform finish to the indoor cement walls and makes them look neater and cleaner. The best part is that it does not require any priming or painting and is ready to be used as it is.

4.Seals the Wall:
The cement wall putty helps in sealing the wall and prevents water from seeping through it. This, in turn, protects the wall from getting damaged due to moisture and keeps it looking new for a long time.

5.Can be used on new and old walls/ceilings:
It is a versatile cement wall putty that can be used on both new and old cement walls. Thus, it does not require any special care or attention when being used in either of the cases.

6.Excellent bonding to concrete:
The cement wall putty bonds well with concrete and gives it a smooth, clean, and sleek look. It also helps in giving the cement walls an even texture that looks neat and tidy.